What We Do

Forest Management


    • Identification and analysis of possible forest management investment opportunities in Indonesia and throughout the Asia Pacific region that is capable of meeting FSC standards over time;
    • Development or modification of forest management planning documents;
    • Biodiversity Assessments;
    • Environmental impact assessments;
    • High Conservation Value Forest assessments;
    • Social impact assessments;
    • Sustainable forest management training;
    • Preparation for legality (independent and/or SVLK standards), controlled wood and/or FSC certification assessments;
    • In-depth training on what various forest management standards mean and how to meet them successfully;
    • Forest engineering and construction management;
    • Plantation establishment appraisals;
    • Group Certification Scheme;
    • Business management and communications, both internal and external;
    • Development of internal auditing capacity; and
    • Company representation with accredited certification bodies to guide the process.


Forest Product Manufacturing


    • Documented control system preparation and/or modification;
    • Controlled wood risk assessments;
    • Preparation for legality (independent and/or SVLK standards), controlled wood and/or FSC CoC certification assessments;
    • Development of internal auditing capacity;
    • Trademark standard training;
    • In-depth training for staff on what the chain of custody standards mean and how to meet them successfully;
    • Chain of custody group certification scheme;
    • Preparation for project certification under the FSC requirements; and
    • Company representation with accredited certification bodies to guide the process.


Certified Timber Trading / Supply Chain

    • Supply chain analysis with a particular focus on supplier sources of raw materials in the Asia Pacific Region;
    • Evaluation of suppliers to determine feasibility and needs to achieve certification for those materials;
    • Identification of alternative sources that may be available;
    • Sourcing of exotic tropical species within Indonesia that meet at minimum, legality requirements; and
    • Marketing solutions for new products.


Auditing Services


    • Individual project auditing service to forest management and chain of custody standards;
    • Internal auditing or auditor training;
    • Supplier auditing to specific company standards; and
    • Certification body auditing in Indonesia and/or throughout Asia Pacific.


Engineering and Appraisal


    • Project design and appraisal;
    • Property appraisals;
    • Environmental impact assessments;
    • Pre-construction services;
    • Contractor selection services;
    • Construction management services; and
    • Value engineering and cost tracking.


Carbon Project Design and Monitoring


    • Project design and development;
    • Monitoring and evaluation plans;
    • Baseline and periodic data collection and analysis;
    • Project management;
    • Coordination with certification and accreditation bodies relating to VCS, CCBA, Plan Vivo and others;
    • Training and education; and
    • Auditing for various carbon standards.


Group Certification Scheme

  • APCS is managing group of forest concessions in Indonesia, and is now striving to achieve FSC FM Group Certification.

Business Management and Communications


    • Corporate sustainability policies and procedures;
    • Internal and external stakeholder consultation;
    • Business planning;
    • Business financial consultation;
    • Accounting Services; and
    • Indonesia company establishment.



- the reason of our existence

"To become the preferred solutions provider for sustainable business practices in Asia Pacific with excellent quality of service related to resources and tailored to the needs of our clients"

APCS provides a broad range of services to companies that are trying to achieve sustainable business management for their forests and/or manufacturing sector that can be on a short, medium, or long-term project basis. Clients can choose from a “menu” of services depending on their special needs. More specifically these include: