Public Announcement for HCV Assessment of APP Group

posted on 03-01-2013

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Herewith we send a public announcement about the HCV assessment activities for APP group.
This Public Announcement was made in bilingual, English and Bahasa, both for introductory and attachments.


Dear Valuable Stakeholders,

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) Group has expressed an objective of conducting an evaluation of HCV that may exist within their holdings and for those two independent suppliers (Mitra) in Jambi that have agreed, to help guide management decisions and to identify specific areas containing HCV values.

Based on this, APCS wishes to formally announce our plan to conduct a Full HCV Assessment in Asia Pulp and Paper/Sinar Mas Forestry’ concessions within four (4) provinces, including 2 suppliers in Jambi Region (PT. Tebo Multi Agro and PT. Rimba Hutani Mas).

High Conservation Values (HCV) are those values that need to be appropriately managed in order to maintain or enhance the identified values. The key to the concept of High Conservation Value is in the identification of the values. The presence within a forest ecosystem of High Conservation Values determines whether a forest is designated a High Conservation Value Forest.
Please kindly note that the consultation processes (prior to the field assessment) has been started at the provincial level (Pekanbaru for Riau Province, Pontianak for West Kalimantan Province and Jambi for Jambi Province).  Samarinda for East Kalimantan will be held on January 7, 2013.  Additionally, Jambi for province level will be held again on January 11 and 16, 2013 for the supplying companies.  Stakeholders are encouraged and welcome to attend the consultation for the remaining Province level (Samarinda) and upcoming National level (January 17, 2013) by informing the contact person (listed in the Attached document).  In addition, those who are willing to attend the consultation at the Kecamatan (Sub-District) level can see the schedule attached.  Targetted relevant stakeholders are invited directly.

There would be wide opportunity for stakeholders to participate in the consultation prior, during and post field assessment.  Post field assessment will be conducted in all relevant District and National.

Please take your time to read the attached document that gives you complete information about the stakeholder consultation processes, schedule and sites.

Thank you,


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